Leslie Ford

Criminal (Antiquities Smuggler)

STR 10 DEX 11 INT 17 Idea 85
CON 13 APP 11 POW 12 Luck 60
SIZ 11 SAN 60 EDU 18 Know 90
Insanities Uranian
Hit Points 12
Magic Points 12
Sanity 60


Skill % Chance Skill % Chance
Financial Appraisal1 75% Bargain 80%
Credit Rating 90% Dodge 52%
English 90% Psychology 70%
Sneak 85% Spot Hidden 95%
Handgun 85% Cthulhu Mythos 0%

1 This skill is a custom one, and refers to Leslie’s specific ability to estimate an item’s likely monetary value on the open or black market. Also gives very generalized information on place of origin. Can be used unscrupulously; if an item appears to be worthless, Leslie has nothing stopping him from claiming it is rare and selling it at an exorbitant price, or vice versa. This applies even more in criminal transactions, in which the victim has no legal recourse.


Leslie Ford

Memento Mori Kurokamui